In this 2009 horror movie, Necromentia, you can find a lot of aspects of the satanic work of the shetans/devils/jinns: Mind control, Hell travel, subliminal message, possession, satanic visions, apology of suicide, apology of murder, necromancia....

This movie really represents what we are living for real in the real world, but as in the real world, most of the people are taken under the illusion of the devils (through their mind control on us since our birth on earth) they do not even realize it.


Do not be deceived by this satanic movie, there is a hidden message in this movie in order to deceive in reality the viewers, you're the true target of this horrible movie. Necromancia does not work, it's a fraud, Allah clearly states in the Quran that the deaths cannot come back, cannot even establish contact with the living world...BUT, the devils/jinns/shetans use the identity of the deaths in order to deceive their alive relatives, they make the people think that they are truly speaking with their dead relatives or that they have really resurected a dead person when in reality, they are just victim of the illusion produced by these demons/jinns. For instance in this movie, the main character, the devil, was not directly visible, but he was the architect of this massacre, the devil produced the appropriate illusion to each character of the movie in order to push them to commit the crimes they did by their own hands, the devil just suggested the right illusion, but did not force anybody and did not commit these crimes himself, that's rather the people who did it and had revealed their true evil identity (watch the movie if you want to fully understand). The living world and the world of the deaths cannot enter in contact (the Quran insists on that point in many parts of it). Allah says that those who die as evil people (fated to hell) have visions related with their crimes (in which they think they are truly alive) which are horrible nightmares, again and again...until the Judgement Day when Allah resurrect them and put them in hell for real this time.

I can truly assure you that reality goes far beyond fiction, the devils have limited our vision and have enslaved us in a tiny world of darkness, what they depict as fiction (through tv, cinema, music etc etc) is actually real. The devils do not want the people to see the reality of this world and above all the reality of THEIR existence, and for that, they put the real face of this world in their movies and in their clips in order that the masses think that all of this is for entertainment and is not real...Of course they do not tell you the truth in their "fictions" but a distorted version of it, in order that when you meet a similar situation in the real life, your reaction is conditioned by what you've seen in their "fictions", you react exactly like they want you to react...

Either you are under the illusion of the devil and therefore you cannot see that you live into an illusion and that those who are feeding you (spiritually, mentally, ....) are your true ennemies and are ugly devils, either you're awaken and you can easily identify the content of most of their movies, books, musics...., with reality, a distorted version of reality. You just have to use your brain, to think about your own experiences, to meditate on what you see around you, to explore the universe as far as possible, to confront this reality with the Truth, the Quran, the words of Allah/God, to see a pattern in this, to realize that the devils have really forged a fake reality around us in which we are doomed (to damnation on this earth and to eternal hell).

It's only by confronting your reality, your experiences, your reflexion, the Quran (the Truth) and what these devils say in their propaganda movies, clips, musics, art,...., that you can see the full picture and finally realize that this world is full of devils, full of illusions, full of lies, and that God says the Truth in His Ultimate AND UNDISTORTED Revelation, the Quran.

The devils won"t invite you to follow them by showing their true faces, they have to endoctrine you first and put you in their illusion in order that you see them as your friends and see their lies as the truth...It's pure mind control, first to brainwash you, then to use you as a tool of perdition for yourself and for the people around you.

If you are sincere and good, obey God and the Quran, you'll see the truth as it is and will be totaly protected against the illusion and the harm of the devils, otherwise, you'll be the victim of the shetans and you'll be doomed.