There are 3 categories of devils:

* the pure Jinns, they are the most powerful and materialize a fake body out of the blue, they are like holograms but with a material body, these are the most dangerous and the most evil demons, they have a lot of abilities such as telepathy, shapeshifting, fast moving/teleportation, Whispering, can induce full Illusion perceived by our 5 senses as real ...these are Satan's seedline, they work under the direct direction Iblis/Satan and occupy the highest positions in the occult satanic hierarchy.

* the Reptilians and the hybrids: the reptilians are half human half jinn and the hybrids are crossings of various species: animal, human, jinn, hybrid/hyrbid... The illuminatis bloodlines such as the Queen of England family, the Obamas, the Bushs,..., are part of these reptilian races. The reptilians work under the order of the jinns who dominate them and assist them in their satanic mission of deception.

(Reptilians mentionned in the Quran)


S17:V64 "Lead to destruction those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; MUTUALLY SHARE WITH THEM WEALTH AND CHILDREN; and make promises to them. But Satan promises them nothing but deceit.

S6:V112 Likewise did We make for every Messenger an enemy,― devils among men and Jinns, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception. If thy Lord had so willed, they would not have done it: so leave them and their inventions alone.

S6:V121 ... But the devils ever inspire their friends to contend with you; if ye were to obey them, ye would indeed be pagans.

* The possessed ones: this last category is composed of true humans who are possessed by jinns, sometimes these humans are themselves and sometimes they are not, you can easily detect them through various ways such as looking at they eyes (bulging eyes, unhuman eyes, uncontrolled movements, unhuman voices, unknown languages, so called premonotions, telepathy, voices in their head ... all of this is produced by the jinns who possess them ...), when these human are possessed, they are not themselves anymore but are mere vessels of the demons...they may or may not remember what they did when they were possessed, it depends how deep was their possession....a lot of world celebrities (Leonardo Dicaprio, Denzel Washington, Ophrah Winfrey, Hally Berry, John Frusciante, Sananda Maitreya aka Terence Trent D'Arby, ..., and thousands , THOUSANDS I am not exagerating of other world celebrities) and forefront players are part of these possessed ones AND THE MAJOR PARTS of them are part of the masses (millions of people, I AM NOT EXAGERATING), they are often diagnosed as schizophrenic but that's only the physical aspect of their state, this diagnostic does not explain who is the 2nd personality (sometimes a lot of jinns possess the person, so there are several different personalities which share the same body) which is inside them, most of the people are not even aware that they are possessed, when you often forget episodes of your day, that's typical of possession, that's not normal to forget a period of your day, except if you are possessed (you forget the period in which you were possessed), when you hear voices, when you have regular premonitions and telepathic abilities, when you feel waves of energy entering inside your body, when you have awaken visions, regular lucid dreams... that's also typical of Possession by jinns/demons. Alcohol, drugs, transgression of the Divine Laws, meant meditation, astral projection, ouija board, ..., are vectors which often lead to possession, it can be a permanent possession or a temporary one, it depends how deep you're lost. OBEs, NDEs, Sleep Paralysis, ..., are various forms of demonic possession.


You may have devils (either jinns, reptilians, hybrids, or possessed ones) among your close relatives and friends without even being aware of it. These devils are serial liars, they will NEVER EVER tell the truth even if you confront them to their lies, they lie to the people they know during their whole life, their goal is to spread their perdition as far as possible, they are the opposite of the prophets of God or the Saints and devotees ones... You can identify them through their perdition, their telepathic abilities, they may know things they are not supposed to know, or whisper inside you evil ideads, you can detect it if you often feel more evil than usual in their presence, some strange physical abilities as a low blinking rate, slight shapeshifting (their physical appearance change slightly from time to another), strange members, (fingers, eyes, ears.....). If you detect one of them, do not try to engage any discussion to expose them, just ignore them, they will read in your mind that they are exposed and you'll see that they will change their behaviour with you and will feel uncomfortable in your presence.


If you are possessed no need to see an exorcist, or a priest, or an imam, or a marabu, or a sorcerer, a magician...or any person or jinn.... NO ONE CAN remove from you these devils except YOURSELF. The only solution to definitely get rid of a jinn is to change definitely your behaviour, to cut the source of evil, to stop your perdition, to stop invoking other entities than God ALONE, to stop your sins (unauthorized sex, drugs abuse, occult satanic pratices such as sorcery, medium, wicca, meditation, astral projection, ouija depends on your perdition ), to sincerly repent, to ask God to forgive you, to obey his divine laws which are perfectly contained in the Quran...Then God HIMSELF will definitely remove from you the jinns/demons who possess you.


Possession is synonymous of DEEP PERDITION, as long as you do not stop your sin, as long the demons will stay with you making your life a true nighmare. So for those who are concerned by my description, you have your solution, you can save yourselfd for real if you obey God and the Quran (the Quran permits you to know what is bad and what is good, many people are so lost that they commit a lot of sins without even being aware of it), if this solution does not satisfy you, then enjoy your possession and prepare to hell.


The exorcists (whether religious or not) are either ignorants (they think they can make the devils leave just by reading verses that they don't even understand, they don't know the real nature of the devils, ..., and they often finish possessed themselves, if these people had read the Quran, they would know that only Allah/God can remove a jinn/demon from a person) OR FRAUDS, IMPOSTERS, SWINDLERS, they ask you for money, they make you commit acts of idolworship by ordering you to follow their satanic procedure, they often work themselves with a jinn who communicates with the jinn who possess you  in order to make you believe that their treatment has worked...and then a few times later, your jinn comes back, then you come back again to the exorcists who will tell you that you need several session and will ask you for more money...And at the end, things even become worse.


I DO NOT ASK YOU ANY MONEY, I DO NOT PROMISE YOU ANYTHING, I CANNOT REMOVE YOUR JINNS FROM YOU BUT I know how you can do it for yourself and I've told it to you above: cut the source of evil, stop your evil behaviour, invoke God ALONE, obey the Quran, learn what is good and what is bad, purify yourself, stop your sins...and then Allah will remove your jinn and at the same time you'll save your soul from hell forever by obeying God and His Divine Law.


(Possession mentionned in the Quran)


S43:V36 If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of Most Gracious, We appoint for him a devil/jinn to be an INTIMATE COMPANION TO HIM.
S43:V37 Such (devils) really hinder them from the Path but they think that they are being guided aright!
S43:V38At length when (such a one) comes to Us, he says (to his evil companion): "Would that between me and thee were the distance of East and West!" Ah! Evil is the companion (indeed)!
S43:V39 When ye have done wrong, it will avail you nothing, that day, that ye shall be partners in punishment!

These 3 categories (jinns, reptilians & Hybrids, Possessed people) operate on the physical plane (the jinns also operates in other dimensions and are far more powerful), their role is to be vectors of evil, to lead the masses to imitate them, they often have beautiful bodies (even if they look evil in someway), nice speeches, ...and are often HIGHLY influencial, they serve as a temptation and an evil example for the people who will be fated to hell.


Wake up, your ennemies are everywhere around you, you're for now in safety, but soon, the punishment of God will fall on the devils and those who are deceived by them...After your death, once Allah will resurrect you, you'll be judged, and those who have followed these demons or have let them deceive them, ot haver disobeyed Allah, or have invoked other netities, authorities beside Allah, will burn in eternal hell.... Take your chance now before it's too late, that's a fair recommandation for you.


Invoke only Allah, the Creator of all things, the Sole Master of the Throne, and obey His Ultimate Book, the Quran, and you'll be in full safetfy, refuse this reminder and prepare to suffer FOREVER, THIS IS REAL, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!