This short documentary details all the steps which will happen as soon as the aliens will come.

This documentary is a huge satanic propaganda as it does not even question the true nature of the aliens, for the authors of this documentary, the aliens are naturally good and benevolent, which is in reality ABSOLUTELY NOT the case.

The Aliens are jinns, devils, extraterrestrials, spirits, ghosts, shaytans, demons, multi dimentional beings, telepaths, them like you want, they remain the sons of Satan and remains our declared and avowed ennemies.

Their coming is an illusion in itself, the jinns are slowly and progressively possessing us without we are aware of it, more and more people are having unusual experiences, saying they are awaken, are connected to the universe, have activated their body of light, have opened their 3rd eye, are in contact with the star people, are in contact with the ascended masters....that's all the same phenomena.... DECEPTION/ILLUSION OF THE JINNS, THE SONS OF SATAN.

I am not denying the reality of their experiences, these people are indeed living something real and concrete but they are fully deceived by the nature of these experiences. These possessed people, dreamers, lost ones have a common thread: they do not believe in the Hereafter, they do no believe in God, they evoke other entities beside God (jinns, guides, helpers, angels, fairies, spirits of the deaths, aliens, spirits of the animals, ascended masters, demons, devils, ..., imams, priests, saints, prophets, rabbis, gurus....), in short these people do not worship God in exclusivity and think that these entities can help them rather than God and can be intermediaries between them and God...They do not realize that these entities cannot even guide themselves and are just comforting them in their perdition. God does not forgive that we invoke other entities than Him because God is the Creator of all things and none of His creatures has the least power beside Him. In short those deceived by the devils/jinns/aliens and are under their illusion (whether they realize it or not) are those who does not invoke God ALONE but are mere follower, sheeps, ... and are not obeying His Commands and does not believe in His Truth, the Quran. (The Torah and the Bible are from God but has been corrupted, now, only the Quran is 100% reliable and is 100% adressed to our generations).

This documentary explains all the details of what will happen after the coming of the aliens and how this event will take place, what will happen to our economy, politic, media, the people will react..etc etc All their explanations are very concrete and look a plan prepared for long.

This documentary just illustrates how the lost people will be deceived, those who do not think by themselves and do not seek the truth by themselves, those who always wait and follow the flock...

Be warned, the aliens are devils/jinns, they are already here on earth, some are visible to us and use fake human bodies and others work in other dimensions and whisper within us and deceive us in dreams and in all kind of mystical experience.... The illuminatis/EL-ites are their slaves, the media are fully controlled by them, the economy belongs to them, the Education and History has been rewritten by them, the Religions have been hijacked by them.... They come to make you live your ultimate awaken dream, you'll live a fake paradise on earth, you'll live all your dreams, you'll be fully possessed and you'll be waken up by the Final Destruction of God on you and the eternal flames of hell.

Those who want to be saved in this life and receive in the hereafter an infinite reward and immortality and all kind of infinite gifts from God, shall invoke God ALONE and shall obey His Commands, the Quran and shall refuse the lies of the aliens and refuse all their technology and their so called abilities...these devils/aliens/jinns will make the people think that they have new abilities while the truth is that they possess them and give them just an illusion of that..those who will be possessed will be lost FOREVER.