Christian Idolatry is the Greatest deception ever created by Satan.

The devils and the pagans have hijacked the teachings of Jesus since the 3rd century when the pagan roman Emperor Constantine turned to Christianity in order to control the people.

Since then, a lot of forgeries have been introduced in Christianism, Constantine claimed that Jesus was God or the son of God, the Satanic Trinity was introduced: Jesus, the son is God, the Father is God, the Holy Spirit is God.... Then Mary was proclaimed the mother of God, so she too was to be worshiped... then the dead saints were also proclaimed as intermediaries, they begun to be worshiped too... at the end, even the angels had to be worshiped.

These concepts actually comes from the pagan religions, more precisely the cult of Mithras (also called Baal, Nimrod, Horus): Father, Mother and Son...just like Nimrod Semiramis and Tammuz... the pagans had more than 5000 gods, each one dedicated for a specific problem, each one celebrated in a specific day, just like the christians saints who are celebrated during a specific day and playing a specific role.

All the christians rites, symbols and laws actually come from the cult of Mithras like the use of candles, crosses, obelisks, the doven, the wheel, .... all these symbols and rites celebrate the Sun worship of the cult of Mithras (which symbol is the sun).

The original teachings of Jesus have been totaly hidden and progressively transformed in such a way that today, we cannot differentiate the pagan cult of Mithras from modern christianity.

The Christians have become like the pagans worshiping idols such as Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the dead saints, the angles, obeying the Pope as the vicar of God on earth, and who has authority to change the Law of God.

Just like all the genuine prophets, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Muhammad, Jesus has been sent to command the people to worship our Sole and God and Creator, his Lord and ours, and not to be worshiped instead of God. This is called idolatry and is punished by eternal hell. If you pray a creature of God instead of God, how do you want your prayers to be answered? How can you expect to be well guided?

Satan encourages for any perdition: idolatry, disbelief, the belief that we are our own gods, paganism, satanism, new age oneness... Any of these false paths lead to hell. The sole true path is to worship God Alone with no partners, intermediaries, sons, intercessors.

Many christians involve into ministries and blindly follow other blind people, and at the end, they will share their fate. God is enough as a Guide, God inspires and protect his true believers. God only commands us to worship Him and to obey his books: Torah, Gospel and the Quran prevails on them. We have to read the book for ourselves and let God inspire us and guide us, there is no need for anyone to show us the path or to explain to us God's verses, this is called idolatry.

Another christian false belief which expose the christians to the devils' deception is that they believe that the Holy Spirit can possess them while in reality it's rather the jinns/demon spirits/jinns which possess them

The Holy Spirit does not possess anyone, the Holy Spirit is not a jinn, the Holy Spirit is sent by God to inspire and to comfort the ones that God wants (like Jesus, Muhammad and any believer that God wants to inspire)

That's nothing to do with spirit possession, mystic visions, hearing voices, astral projection or out of body experiences.

Satan used the idolatry of Jesus in order to prepare the whole world for his end times deception: the coming of a false Jesus, who will be in fact a jinn, a demon spirit, a devil. He will come as an alien, an ascended master, a highly evolved being...and will claim that we all are in our path to divinity, juste like him. We all have the potential God within us, which is no more than worshiping ourselves.

You really have to wake up and to pray God Alone, my Creator and yours. I am not asking you to quit your religion or to betray Jesus, but only to obey the true teachings of Jesus and to worship God, the God of Jesus and not a simple man, who is now dead, cannot hear your prayers and will be judge like you during the judgement day. Only the real believers can understand this, those who still stay in the worship of Jesus or any other idol, are blind and will end in hell, you're clearly warned.

God has sent us a lot of signs that his punishment is about to come, every day, we have an extreme and unprecedant weather event, that's God's signs before the punishment fall on the disbelievers, idol worshipers, sinners, hypocrites.