This video is to confirm to you that the victory of Conchita Wurst with "Rise like a Phoenix" during 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was not by chance and that Satan/Antichrist himself has staged all the details of this ceremony: symbols, lycris, winner ...

In my previous videos, I've exposed that the Eurovision 2014 was really to announce the real Antichrist and with this video, I'll bring to you the confirmation from Satan's Youtube channel, LieKillers. The Antichrist/Satan has also released a YT video to uncover all the hidden symbols and meanings during Eurovision 2014 in relation with his own coming.

Satan does not uncover his own secrets and tricks for no reason, his sole and unique purpose is to deceive further by mixing 99% truths with 1% lethal lies. Satan is always in the details.

I'll expose for you with the Guidance of Allah these 1% lies in order that you may do a conscious choice. Allah has mercy on us and exposes for us the traps and the disguises of Satan, so that we may not blame Allah for letting us without any defense.

Antichrist/Satan's motto is :

We have prepared
Now we strike

Satan has prepared Mankind for thousands of years for his final deception by promoting all kind of false beliefs that the people consider today as a matter of fact, while in reality, these false beliefs will represent the entry points that Satan/Antichrist will use to deceive them.

One major false belief which has been spread by Satan in all the religion is that there will be a Messiah, Savior, Jesus, Imam Mahdi, Buddha, Maitreya, Brahma, God ... that will come IN FLESH at the end of days and that will build his new Kingdom on earth. This is the most dangerous forgery ever by Satan, because Satan will impersonate all these figures and the people will follow him thinking that they are following God.

Allah, the True God, The God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, reveals to us in the Quran (the Last Book, the only one which is unflawed, the only one which contains 100% truth... following any other source as being from God is exposing yourself to be deceived by Satan) that THERE IS NO COMING SAVIOR OR MESSIAH BUT ONLY DECEIVERS PLAYED BY SATAN. The Kingdom of God is not of this world but in the hereafter. In this current world, we can only expect always more darkness until the final destruction of the universe by God and its new creation, the Resurrection, the Judgement Day, and the Retribution.

Any weakness, any false belief, any sin, ... can be mortal for you when the Antichrist/Satan will come, because Satan has no authority except on those who disobey Allah, or pray false gods (like Jesus), or are disbelievers. If you are not in the path of God, for sure you have no chance against Satan and you'll be deceived, torturred and destroyed...before to go to eternal hell with Satan.

Your only chance: Pray only Allah and obey only the Quran, redeem yourself, repent, ... soon it will be too late!