Since 2014 the signs announcing the coming of Antichrist, the destruction of humanity, world war 3, chaos and death are all over the illuminati media.
Knowing that the mainstream media are 100% under the control of the illuminatis, who are themselves under the control of Satan, this is a clear indication that these signs are meant to prepare the masses for what is coming. Most of the people are totaly unaware of what is going on, they are totaly brainwashed by the medias and do not realize that the media are not here to tell them the truth or to inform them, but to program them to behave and to react in the way they want. So these signs are not even detected by the conscience of the people, they rather operate on their subconscience and program their way of thinking.
By putting all together these signs, it becomes clear that something is really going on, obviously they are preparing the people for the coming war, chaos, death and the coming a Messiah figure who is supposed to save them from this destruction... and knowing that the mainstream media are 100% controlled by Satan, you can guess that this Messiah is no more than Satan disguised, and who will deceive the people and lead them to their final destruction.
Here's a list of these signs:
* a woman all dressed in black has recently been seen all over the media, she was making a journey from Alabama to Virginia in a divine mission. She refused to speak, she claimed to be angel and that the battle between darkness and light has already begun and that the devils are already here, she said that she was here to announce the coming of God in the person of Jesus, while in reality, it will be Satan in the body of a false Jesus. She looks very evil and has strong telepathic abilities inducing a feeling of benevolence towards her person, the people becomes crazy when they meet her and a even a facebook page has been created for her with more than 80000 likes. The woman is said to be 56 years old ... 5+6 = 11, the number representing Satan (1 stands for God, 11 stands for a false god (Satan) besides (the true) God). The media presented her positively and asked to the people to be nice to her. Knowing that the media are serving Satan, you can wonder why they are promoting Jesus as a super star, as God. The answer is that they know that the Jesus who will come is in fact Satan, so in short, they are pushing the people in the arms of the coming deceiver. The media acknowledge Jesus as God, while we know that they serve Satan, this shows you that they want the people to worship Jesus as God in order to push them in idolatry and to make them recognize the coming false Jesus as God, so the people will worship Satan thinking that they are worshipping God. Jesus is not God, nor the son of God, this is the greatest satanic deception ever brought uppon Humanity, this deception is to push the people into idolatry and to make them worship Satan disguised in Jesus, because in reality, Jesus was a prophet of God, a man, he is dead AND HE WILL NOT COME BACK, ONLY SATAN IS TO COME.
* A 4 years old boy woke up with the mark of the devil on his chest. The symbol has been identified as the mark of Mammon in the movie Constantine. Mammnon is the son of Satan. Mammon is actually another name for the Antichrist because the Antichrist will be a reptilian (half jinn half man) whose father is Satan and whose mother is human, and he will be possessed by Satan for his Antichrist deception, because Satan as a Jinn do not have a body, so he have to possess a material body in order to operate his deception on the physical level.
* A goat with one eye has been seen all over the media, the goat is a common representation of Satan and also the one eye.

* Robin Williams has been recently sacrificed at the age of 63. This illuminati sacrifice is to announce the Antichrist, 666. Robin Williams has been chosen because he has played in many movies the role of Satan covered, and that he is 63 in 2014. 63 --> 6*3 --> 666.

* All kind of false wonders appeared in Russia and Ukraine showing figures of Mary or Jesus with tears of blood and even a false Jesus appeared in clouds... All these signs are to comfort the people in their false belief that Jesus is God. These false wonders appeared specifically in Russia and Ukraine because the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been staged to provoke WW3 ... and WW3 is the event which will allow Satan to come as a savior at the worst moment, when the people will not be able to think rationally.

* Many movies, songs and media promote love as the the feeling which shall guide us and unite us. This is a huge satanic deception because Satan wants us to be guided by our feelings instead of our reason and when he will come, he will induce a strong feeling of love towards his person and the people would have been prepared to follow their heart and not their reason. Satan is already operating in our heart, whispering within us and pushing the people to love his perdition and to hate God's path. The more the people are lost, the more Satan can deceive them and play with their emotions.
* Many 2014 movies, series and musics also contains clear references for what is coming:
 - The Strain is about a virus which infects the people and turn them into hosts for the devil, a Satan like figure is present in the serie and is called The Master.
 - The Purge is about  a period from 7pm to 7am during wich all crimes are authorized. Notice the number 7 which refers to the Antichrist (7 years of reign)
 - The final hours is about a post WW3 period during which chaos and death reign.
 - No God no Master contains a lot of references to WW3, order out of chaos, Rockefeller ... and the title is quite explicit and push the people to disbelieve in God
 - Oculus is about a mirror which is in fact a portal to the abyss from where the devil comes and possess the people
 - The Guardians of the Galaxy refers to the devils/jinns who usually call themselves the Guardians, the peace keepers while in reality they are deceivers and are those who bring destruction
 - Deliver Us from Evil is about the devils possessing all the humans and unleashing death and destruction
 - Aftermath is about a post WW3 period during which the zombies are everywhere and kills all the people
 - Messiah is the last song of Madonna, it announces the Messiah who is in fact Satan
 - Say Yes is a song by Michelle William FT Beyonce and Kelly Rowland in which the worship of Jesus is promoted, knowing Beyonce as a puppet of Satan, you can guess that this is a satanic deception, Jesus is not God neither the son of God but a man and a prophet, they are pushing the people into idolatry.
 - Flesh and Bone by The Killers reminds the official youtube channel of Satan, LieKillers (Killers' Lie) and is all about the coming of the Antichrist and the vengence of Satan and his hatred towards man, because Satan is out of fire and man is our of clay, so Satan considers himself, as a jinn, superior to man.
- Dominion is about the coming of the angels presented as devils and who destroy humanity and possessing the people like the jinns/devils do, and the people wait for Savior, an Antichrist like figure.
- Under the Dome refers to the satanic illusion of the Antichrist who will put a kind of dome of illusion on the whole earth, the whole serie is a metaphore for the Antichrist's deception
- Into the storm refers to the storm which coming with WW3 and Gog and Magog (Satan's army of demons)
- the 2014 Australien Big Brother is presented in Noah's Ark (the Ark which is coming is not like the Ark of Noah, it will be Satan's Ark and those who will take it thinking that they will be saved will be in reality destroyed), announcing that a storm is coming and showing signs of the devil everywhere. This show is a metaphore of the coming deception and is made to program the people for the deception which is coming.

Many movies and songs contain the same warning: "a storm is coming" like a subliminal message announcing the storm of hell which will be unleashed by Satan through WW3 and the next destruction of the humans by the devils (Gog and Magog) ...

It's time to wake up, this is reality and not fiction, the media are not here to entertain you or to tell you stories but to prepare you for the coming deception. Satan is our enemy and his legion of devils are everywhere, Satan has pushed us into idolatry in all the religions, Satan introduced different forms of idolatry .... but all idolatry leads to hell. Satan wants us to pray false gods in order to provoke the Wrath of God on us and in order to prevent us from being protected by God. There is ONE God and it's the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, those who claim the contrary only believe in Satan's lies and will be without any protection when the punishment of God will come, because in reality they are notworshipping God but false gods created by Satan. The Quran is God's Ultimate Book for Humanity and has been specifically protected for this purpose, so that we are not deceived by Satan's lies. Worship God, obey the Quran and you'll be saved...ignore this warning and for sure you'll be failed...when God's Punishment will fall on you, you'll realize your mistake but it will be too late, and this will open to you the eternal flames of hell. Obey God, Repent, Obey the Quran, and for sure God will forgive you and will give you an infinite reward... that's all up to you, I am not here to convince you but just to convey the truth just in fromt of your eyes.