Even before the victory of Syriza and his arrival as Greek Prime Minister, there were clear signs showing that Alexis Tsipras will win the elections and that this victory was part of the illuminati agenda.


On the economist website, there was a page for the 18th Greek roundtable with the most proeminent political figure in greece on 2014 ... far before Tspiras' victory.... And out of 55 political leaders, the only one whose face is half dark shadowed (the well known one eye satanic symbology) is ... Alexis Tsipras.What are the odds that out of 55 political leaders, the only one whose face is half shadowed, is the one who will win the elections????


Tsipras with his face half shadowed:



This is the page of the economist, check for yourself the date and the photos of the 55 leaders:





Remember all the mediatic frenzy in favor of Syriza before the elections of January 2015, why the mainstream worldwide media would support Syriza if they were truly rebels???


This victory was apparently written by advance and we know now that Syriza is funded by the billionaire illuminati George Soros and has been approved by the very illuminati Brooking Institute. Before being elected, Alexis Tspiras has been invited with all the honors to the Brooking Institute and all his expenses have been paid by George Soros, he has also been interviewed by the IMF. Alexis Tsipras clearly confirmed to them that he supported the Euro and the European Union, in short, he was not going to contest the domination of global institutions. Once he was approved as a controlled candidate, he has been pushed with Syriza by the illuminati worldwide media.


Moreover, Tsipras is the son of the millionaire Pavlos Tspiras which was allied with the previous dictatorial regime. In short, Alexis Tsipras is part of the elite and clearly share their core values.


The "very generous" Georges Soros opens solidarty center in Greece:



Soros, the man of the orchestrated colored revolutions wants a colored revolution in Greece:



Soros funds Sysriza:



Tspiras, the guy of the illuminati elites:


Tspiras tied to the unachieved pyramid:



Alexis Tsipras' speech contain all the mottos of the Satanic Antichrist and His New Age One World Religion: HOPE, Share, Peace, Justice, Love ... this is not innocent when you're aware that Tsipras' victory was orchestrated by the illuminati. Alexis Tsipras and Ysriza promote all the deviances promoted by the illuminati players by supporting sexual, ethnic and religious minorities. Under the pretext of protecting the minorities, the illuminati are actually promoting any deviance and making the deviances as a normality.


Watch this video of Tspiras and you'll see how Tspiras' speech is 100% a new age satanic speech, the one which will be used by the Antichrist. I do not say that he is the one, I do not know, but for sure he is part of the guys who are paving the way for the Antichrist, he is part of the global satanic illuminati agenda, which final goal, is the coming of Satan on earth as the Savior, Messiah. The Antichrist and his men always play the role of men of the people, of great souls, while ine reality they are the worst rebels against God and the worst enemy of man. For instance you have among these traitors: Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Gandhi, Mandela, etc ... The Pope Francis.



See in this video how Tsipras 's speech looks like the one of a messiah and see how the people totaly drink his words, see the people's face:



Moreover, another sign which clearly shows that Tsipras is part of the Antichrist Agenda is the reference to Saturn which surrounds him. Saturn is all related to Satan in his Antichrist's role and his army Gog and Magog and his false religion: the saturnian black cube religion (which is the corruption of the genuine religions of God and their progressive transformation into the One World Satanic New Age Religion of Satan).


Tsipras seen by the Conspiracy theorists with a saturnian symbol:




Other satanic symbols which exposes Tsipras:




Another element which indicates his involvement in the Antichrist's agenda is his relationship with the Pope Francis. As you know the Pope Francis seems to be the Pope who will pave the way to the Antichrist's reign, he is the one who is in charge of the final transformation of the religion of God into the religion of Satan, the Satanic New Age (read more). It's strange that the Pope Francis has met Alexis Tsipras even before he was appointed as Greek Prime Minister, the Pope's agenda is so loaded ...  normally he only meets the top leaders of each state and this time, it was a special meeting just between the Pope and Alexis Tsipras.

And the conclusion of this meeting by Syriza's spokseman:  "It was a meeting of the like-minded"






Both figures present themselves as men of the people, of the poors ... in these very deceptive end time, you should be very very suspicious with the people who present themselves as of the people ... above all when these people are top leaders and are part of the elites. You cannot reach the elite, the top if you are not with them, it is impossible, they would destroy you far far far before you reach any top level.





So the elites who present themselves as men of the people are precisely the agents of the Antichrist, their speech is very similar: Peace, Sharing, Justice, Love, Hope .... these are the main topics they speak about. More proofs will come and will expose the true face of Alexis Tsipras, he is not the man of the people, so watch him careful and do not give him your trust.... btw do not give your trust to anyone except to God AND ONLY TO GOD (the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the God of the Torah, Gospel and the Quran prevails).


I do not say that Alexis Tsipras is the Antichrist, I do not think so, I am just saying that he has been approved by the  illuminatis and that he plays his role in the Antichrist agenda.


UPDATE 15/07/2015: As you've seen, Tspiras has not kept his promises and has even worsen the case of Greece and enforced the domination of the European global institutions. He finally signed the austerity plan and betrayed not only his party but also the people who massively voted against the austerity. What's the point of voting Syriza? What's the point of the referendum about the bailout plan? The answer were already written by advance and we are being treated as fools. Also notice the behaviour of the mainstream media, who one back Tsipras and clash the european institutions and another one they do the contrary, their manipulation is more than obvious.