As I've told you in my previous articles, the final plan of Satan is to come under the disguise of Jesus and then to declare himself as God. In fact, the Jesus as presented in the Bible has few to do with the real Jesus, his features and behaviour actually fit to Satan. This is to prepare the people to the final deception: Satan presented as God.



I've showed you with the videos of LieKillers Youtube Channel that Satan will declare himself God, that's why the Pope Francis, the false prophet of Satan, is paving the way to the reign of Satan as God. In fact, the Pope and the whole roman catholic church are 100% of Satan and since the very beginning of the creation of the Vatican, they have been spreading their propaganda and lies for long to promote the all in one religion of Satan: Humanism or disguised Satanism.


Watch this video and see how Satan is declared as God in the presence of the Pope at the Vatican: