You may have even heard that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built on a town called Saint Genis Pouilly but in Roman times called Apolliacum.  A civilization, which in ancient times, was dedicated to Apollo, also known as the destroyer, and had a temple there to honor him.  Some even believe that the town was set up over a portal to the underworld.  These are startling facts, when we consider what CERN has already admitted they are trying to do.    

There are many words and symbols that CERN uses that are not so widely circulated, however.  I will be touching on several of these.  I always say that one or two or even three anomalies are nothing to be concerned over.  But when you have many, many such anomalies, all agreeing with each other on a common thread, you have a trend which cannot be denied except by those who don’t wish to know the truth.




On CERN’s website there is a section that lists the names of many of their experiments.  I have included this link in the bibliography to this article.  I will not be addressing what CERN claims these experiments are designed to do.  I will, instead, be focusing on the acronyms that they use to title these experiments.  Again, what are they telling us?  

NOTE:  The following list is comprised mostly of acronyms that CERN itself uses.  You can verify this on their own website which is included in my footnotes.  





This is one of the terms used to describe God in the Quran (i.e. Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last).  It is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet.  It speaks of new beginnings.  I believe CERN is part of the enemy’s plans to bring in the New World Order (NWO) where these beings “help” them to become gods.  There was also a similarly titled experiment at CERN called ALEPH, which is the first letter of the Arab language. The Alpha sign is also present in most of the illuminati logos and representations and represent them as the elite above the masses, the future god.




Aegis, according to Greek mythology, was a shield made by Athena.  It was used by Perseus to peer at Medusa without being turned to stone. It representation is demon head passing through a portal, just like the purpose of CERN.  CERN is attempting to peer into another dimension.




Was an ancient “god” who was considered a Titan.  He was made to hold up the heavens and keep the heavens separate from the earth.  Sound familiar?  CERN is trying to break down the barrier separating the “heavens” from the earthly realm.  Also it is worth noting that although Atlas was not one who was banished, many of  the other Titans were “banished” to Tartarus in the lower parts of the earth.  This is exactly where CERN is trying to pierce into.  Atlas God is repesented in a circle (portal) bearing the whole earth: Satan controlling the whole world  once he has created this portal between dimensions.




Athena was considered to be the embodiment of wisdom and the goddess of reason and intelligent activity.  First of all, this is another reference to a god/goddess.  Athena is represented with an owl, a well known illuminati symbol, Athena is the female representation of Satan. Also, could they be alluding to the knowledge and wisdom they wish to extract from the abyss via these beings?  9  




Asakusa is a district in Tokyo renowned for its Buddhist temple dedicated to the deity Bodhisattva, a being with enlightenment.  It can also refer to a human being who is committed to the attainment of enlightenment.  8  CERN is so committed to their own enlightenment that their willing to open a portal to another dimension to gain what these entities have to offer and risk that what comes out of that portal may indeed not be friendly.  They don’t stop to think that there may be a very important reason why this barrier was erected in the first place.  Let’s not forget that satan masquerades as an angel of light and “enlightenment” and “illumination” is a common theme for the luciferian world group know as Illuminati.  The doctrine of Buddhism is the one that Satan will use for his one world religion: oneness, self divinity, reincarnation etc ... it's the exact opposite of the true religion of God.




Alice in Wonderland tells the story of a girl, Alice, who tumbles down a rabbit hole into another dimension or reality.  The story occurs in the lower parts of the earth.  There she is helped by various beings that she finds while in the lower parts of the earth.  Is anybody detecting a trend yet?  




A totem could be considered a spirit guide.  Also a spirit being or animal or even a mythical (hybrid) animal. Its representation has winged demon figure on the top (Satan) and lower demons lower    11  12  What spirits is CERN receiving “guidance” from?  What spirits are they trying to free?




Delphi was a sanctuary of Apollo and an ancient city in Greece.  The Oracle at Delphi was used to “commune” with Apollo (recall CERN is located at the site of ancient Apolliacum).  Cern is extremely consistent.  





Is the name given to a triple ionization chamber system used by CERN.  Cerberus was, in Greek mythology, the two-headed dog and guardian of the underworld or Hades.  10




High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer is a detector aimed at studying dielectron production.  This experiment was not run by CERN directly.  However, CERN did fund the research and development of the prototypes, the actual detector construction, and the operation of the detector.  They even participated in the experiment in 2008-2009.  That having been said, Hades was known as both the name of the underworld and the name of the god of the underworld.  Hades is repesented with a kind of monster with 2 heads which reminds the false opposition used by Satan to implement his New World Order. You see, CERN is speaking very loudly, we just need to tune our minds to the right frequency.  13  14




On a website entitled, the author “ladyoftheabyss” has this to say:  “Opal is also said to be a very spiritual stone, and can help one be “invisible” in situations where they don’t care to be noticed.”  3  How much of CERN’s activities would they rather went unnoticed?   



Compass, Eye in Triangle

The compass is an ancient symbol of the secret society known as Freemasonry that is used with a carpenter’s square as the symbol of their organization.  The compass, taken by itself, is a symbol of the “heavens” or even, dare I say, “the spirit realm” that CERN is trying to open a portal into.  4  





The Solar Axion Telescopic ANtenna is perhaps the most obvious example of what I’m referring to at CERN.  It was a proposal that CERN acquire this telescope for it’s research.  I have been unable to confirm whether or not they got this telescope but just the fact that they wanted to get a device called SATAN should speak volumes to us in light of everything else we have learned.       





This brings us to the name CERN itself.  Cern is actually just short for Cernunnos who was the Celtic horned god of the underworld.  You have these horns often represented in illuminati content. If that’s not enough to convince you, I have no idea what possibly could.  15



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