This original new series is an answer to all those who claim that Dynamo is using paid actors, stooges, accomplices,...., camera and CGI effects to perform his tricks.







When you see the face of the people who witness in live the tricks of Dynamo and you compare their state before and after witnessing his tricks, you can clearly see the fear on their face and how shocked, their first reaction does not lie, it's impossible to simulate like that.













100% of those who witness Dynamo's tricks, whether celebrities, TV people or anonymous, whatever is their origin and their religious background, they all share the same rgenuine reaction of amazement and fear, they cannot explain these tricks to themselves. If Dynamo was using stooges, they would not have such reactions, and at the end, it would be known. See Criss Angel for instance, he has been exposed several times for using stooges, if it was also the case with Dynamom he would be exposed at least once.

Try to explain this one, the volume of fish is far bigger than tyhe bucket, from where these fishs are coming?





One of the most impressive trick of Dynamo is when he stares at you and read your mind, the debuners say that he sends accomplices before to get information on the people that he chooses for his tricks ... this is impossible because, if he really did that, those who have witnessed these tricks would make the link between the person who interviewed them before and the trick of Dynamo.


Dynamo literaly reads their minds in live, he can even say when they change their mind:





Another point is that Dynamo often ask them very random questions, for instance think about a number between 0 and 100 ... the people chose their number in live and do not chose it prealably.

Another remarkable point is that Dynamo even guesses when the people change their mind in their head and informs them in live that they hesitate and finally changed their minds.

I've selected some of these mind tricks for you to illustrate my claims and to let you see the truth for yourself.

The trick in which Dynamo reads the people's mind is the best proof that Dynamo is helped by jinns because if you dismiss the option that the people who are taking part to these tricks are stooges, then there cannot be any natural explanation to thism only the jinns have this ability.

The jinns cannot read fully our minds, they can only read limited parts and they can read the mind more or less easily according to the conditions.

The more the person is lost and have a weak mind, the more they can read their mind easily, also if the people are willing to participate to the trick of Dynamo then, they implicitly allow the jinns to read their mind, 3rd point is that Dynamo ask these persons to think about a specific thing, so the jinns
do not have to scan the whole mind but only read the specific thing which is asked, the fact that the person choose something to think about and repeat it in his mind facilitate the  job for the jinns.

Over 4 seasons of Dynamo Magicians, not a single trick made by Dynamo has failed, not a single person has manifested himself as being paid by Dynamo or as having noticed any trickery, not a single video expert has been able to find the least CGI effect ... so the debunkers who explain Dynamo's tricks through the use stooges or CGI effects do not have the least proof to illustrate their accusation of trickery. If you take the well known debunkers such as "Xendrius Exposed" or "auteurAM" Youtube channels, notice that their explanations do not fit at all, they do not reproduce the same conditions of the tricks as performed by Dynamo and they do not proove their claims by true examples.


The skate is far bigger than the bag pack:



Morevover, they only try to explain the most basic tricks of Dynamo and avoid to speak about the tricks who cannot be explained such as
the bucket of fish, the mind's reading,  Dynamo lifting 155kg, the instantaneous materialization and teleportation of objects and animals....
I challenge anyone to come with an explanations to these tricks...and if your explanation is the use of CGI, Camera effects or stooges, then proove that these people are stooges, proove the CGI effects.... because for now, you were only stating things without the least proof or common sense.


Explain how Dynamo can lift 155kg?




Dynamo deliberatly mixes with his tricks some tricks wich are mere illusions, natural tricks, this is to lose the people, the morons will say that all Dynamo's tricks can be explained just because one or two of his tricks are made naturally and not with the help of jinns.


The jinns can materialize or teleport anything:






A pen to a pencil:



a drawing of bird on the wall to a true bird:



All the tricks done by Dynamo can be easily done by the jinns, the jinns can indeed lift very heavy objects, they can materialize and teleport anything
within a wink of an eye, they can read the people's brain ... but they cannot know the future that's why Dynamo cannot predict future events.


There is a force moving these objects ... the jinns








The tricks in which Dynamo claims to guess the result of a footbal match or something in the future are not really like Dynamo presents them... These tricks consists in writting the predictions on a paper and to lock it in a safe.... in reality  the jinns modifies its content once the future events predicted really happens ...but you can expose Dynamo by asking him to guess the result of a footbal match and to directly tell his prediction before the match happen, then you'll see that he will fail to make the prediction.

Dynamo is not a clever illusionist, he is just an interpreter, his work is in reality to assist the jinns/demons and not the contrary. The demons do all his tricks, all that he has to do is to put them in scene. Not only he is assisted by the jinns but he is even possessed by them which allow him to be very agile with his hands and in his gestures. Without these jinns, Dynamo would be no more talentuous than any average miserable magician of fair.

Dynamo has not been elected by chance, his background explain swhy Satan has chosen him.

His lineage is composed of sorcerers like his grandfather who was a sorcerer, he was a scapegoat, he was weak, he was not physically attractive,
and he was affected with Crohn Disease, a lethal disease. He was in hospital about to die when Satan comes to him with his proposal,
Satan knew that Steven Fraye, aka Dynamo, was willing to do whatever it takes to have his revenge on life and has no limit in his ambition and ego. (the signature of those who do not believe in the hereafter)


 Dynamo turning a butterfly in paper into a true butterfly (in reality the jinns have teleported a true butterfly instead of the one of paper)




When Dynamo speaks about himself, he wants to be bigger than Michael Jackson, the Beattles, ...., (other puppets of Satan), he wants to let a legacy behind him in this terrestrial life like the most proeminent figures. Tha('s Why Satan is using him as a supermodel to push the people to admire him and to adhere to his philosophy: that there is no limit to human power, the myth of the human god. Today Satan's modern prophets are the magicians, the actors and the singers ... these people, like Dynamo reaches billions of people and spreads the deceiving philosophy of Satan.

Dynamo is obviously one of the major player for Satan, all his clips starts with the One Eye Symbol of Satan. The One Eye symbolizes the eye of Satan which is behind his puppets, this signature cannot be more clear about the true place of Dynamo in Satan's plan. All his clips are clearly signed with the One Eye Symbology of Satan: Satan is looking at you










Don't be deceived by these magicians, don't think that they are talented, they are none but puppets, they are the true losers, don't admire them, they are the most lost people, they have no share in the hereafter, they know that before to sign their pact with the devil, that was the conditions. These people lead to hell, their doctrine of human god, no limit to the ego, the power of the will, realize your dream, make your own future, be immortal in this life, ...is the doctrine and lie of Satan. The Will of God is above all, this life is a short illusion and a test, the true eternal life is in the hereafter. we  will all die and will be resurrected, God will judge each one of us and will retribute us according to our actions with eternal paradise or eternal hell, dont be deceived with the strong illusion of this terrestrial life, this is fake.



Satan is ready for the Galaxy