At the beginning these 3 religions, Judaism, Christianism and Islam, were pure and genuinly divine, they were the continuation of one another, they were following the same line, the line taken by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. But quickly, they have been deviated from their true message, they have been hijacked by crypto pagans and have become mere sects composed of associators and idolworshippers and following dumb non sense pagan satanic rules.


Most of the practices in Christianism, Judaism, and Islam have pagan origins ...whereas in reality, these practices have never been part of the religion and have never been commanded in the original Torah, Gospel and Quran.


Today, all these religiosn fall in idolatry and association. The idolatry of Jesus or of the prophet Muhammad, the association through the saints, Mary, the clergymen (imams, preists, rabbis who serve as indipensable intermediaries between men and God), and the association through false religious texts such as the hadiths, the sirah, the sunnah, the tafsirs, the talmud,  the present Torah and Bible which have been totaly rewritten and are not the original books given by God to Moses and to Jesus. 


In short most of the people of these 3 religions have not a pure worship, they worship God through intermediaries, they do not take God as their Sole Guide, they are rather guided by their clergymen, they do not follow God's revelations, but man made texts, forged laws, wrong interpretations ... whereas what is commanded to us is clear as water in the Quran. All of this make them sectarians and associators.


We are One Nation, One Humanity, with One God, and there is One Line of prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham,Moses, Jesus, Muhammad) and One Line of revelations (Torah, Gospel and Quran) and the last revelation which has been purposely protected by God against any distortion is the Quran. The straight path is simple, clear and logic, serving only God through his last revelation the Quran, without intermediaries or false idols ... just like our model Abraham did.


Today all misconceptions and injustice in islam have no link to the Quran, they only come from the hadiths, sunnah ,sirah and the very wrong interpretations of the Quran. All the videos that I see on the internet criticizing the Quran are based on the false interpretation of Islam. 


I agree with you who say that Islam is a pagan religion made by the devil, the islam of today is indeed like that, but the religion taught in the Quran, I assure you, is completely different from the islam of today. So when you read the Quran, just ignore all prejudice that you have due to the false pratice of islam and read it under a new neutral eye and you'll see how it is perfect, don't make it say what it does not say, don't go in conjecture, don't extrapole it, just take what is written in it.


Things like jihad, the position of women, the veil, the behaviour with the other people, the way to dress, the crescent moon, the black rock, the story idolization of Muhammad and his companions..... ALL OF THIS COME from the false texts followed by the muslims, these rules all come from Satan. The best insult to the prophet Muhammad is not from the enemies of Muhammad but is contained in the lies of the hadiths who make him a cave man, pervert, a pedophile with a huge sexual apetite, a killer who assassinate anyone who disagree with him, an illetrate who don't even know how to read, a possessed man who was like in state of trance when he receives the revelation of the Quran. ALL OF THIS, I repeat ALL OF THIS is a lie and has no ground, none of that is mentioned in the Quran, none of that is true.


In short, today islam is not based at all on the quran but is concretely based on the man made texts inspired by Satan and which misinterpret it and quote it out of its context.... whereas the Quran is clear, complete, self explanatory, and is a perfect universal book of wisdom, knowledge and truth.


Me and you do not live at the time of the prophet Muhammad, so none of us can have an undeniable proof about who was Muhammad. The best proof of his authenticity as a prophet is the Quran, and the Quran alone. No one on earth can even write a single chapter like in the Quran. This book is so perfect, so complete, so true and wise, so unique, that no one can tell it's someone different from God that has produced it.... and if you think the contrary, please just produce one single chapter equal to the Quran in content and in style.


This video focuses on the pagan origins of Christianism, but I could have done the same video on Judaism and Islam. I invite you to watch the full series of 5 episodes (55 minutes), it's a neutral fair documentary which only says the truth and which brings very accurate proofs: