Each new Olympic Games respresent a new step towards the New Word Order. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio contains several clear references to both the New Word Order and to the Antichrist.




The Olympic Games, as a world popular event, are used as a general repetition to prepare the populations for the New World Order. It promotes a world with no religions, no races, but composed of clones with no identity. Oneness is promoted under the pretext of Humanism but in reality, they are shaping the new human being of the New Word Order, a human being without roots, without identity, without guidance, without goal, ..., only a soulless slave of the New Word Order.


Humanism is being used as the new face of satanism, it is the old satanic lie of the human god, it's nothing more than a huge deception.


I invite you to watch this video which contains unique proofs that the Olympic Games in Rio are an announcement of the Antichrist and the New World Order:



2016 Rio Olympics Logo


After Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016's logo once again is decoded as "ZION"




Zion is the symbolic capital of the New Word Order, it is the new Jerusalem. So coding the logo of the 2016 Rio Olympics as Zion means that these Olympics contributes to the illuminati plan for a New World Order. 


The Olympic Site

When you look at the map of the Rio Olympic site, you can clearly see a reversed pyramid. They have pushed the detail to such a point that even the eye (the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid) has been represented.









The reversed pyramid symbolizes the destruction of the current order for the emergence of the New World Order "Order out of Chaos"



Here you clearly see a pentagram:



 The Olympic flame is represented under a shape of sun refering to the sun (Lucifer) worship:



The Opening Ceremony

The ceremony, even if its bugdet was 10 times lower than the London Opening Ceremony, contained all the illuminati satanic symbols. They represent through these symbols different aspects of their satanic plan. The presence of these symbols is no coïncidence, they are so numerous and so precisely integrated that it cannot be a mere coïncidence


Here you can clearly see that they want to represent a 6.



So you have one 6 on each side of the scene



And then they have made appear another 6 in the middle of the scene .... which results to 666. 666 is the code for satan's role as the false Jesus, ie the Antichrist.



Here you have the satanic horn sign meaning "Hail Satan"



Here you have the satanic V sign with a green hand which is not human, is this supposed to represent Satan's hand?



The broken cross, the anti cross, symbolizing the Antichrist:




The Saturnian cube worship, symbolizin Satan's false doctrine/religion:




Here the Phoenix, which is a reprsentation of Satan, which is reborn from his ashes, the Rise after the fall:





This is the Maracana stadium during the opening ceremony:




You can clearly see that it is shaped like a portal, it remind the CERN portal, it references the opening the portal/abyss ... the coming of Satan and his army of Nephilim (Gog and Magog) from another dimension:



Here, they have reprsented the pyramid with a horned shape (Satan) at its top:



The Theme Song of the 2016 Rio Olympics 


These are the lyrics of this song, put them in the mouth of Satan and see which sense they take:


Oh, ye of so little faith (Satan speaks to the lost souls)
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it (I am coming)
Victory is in my veins (my victory is close)
I know it, I know it (I am sure of it)
And I will not negotiate (I will have no mercy)
I'll fight it, I'll fight it
I will transform (I'll take my new form, the one of the false Jesus)

When, when the fire's at my feet again (WW3)
And the vultures all start circling (WW3)
They're whispering, "You're out of time” (it will be too late)
But still I rise (Then I will emerge in the midst of WW3, in the midst of death and chaos)

This is no mistake, no accident (this is no coïncidence, this is a long time plane)
When you think the final nail is in (the final nail has been set)
Think again
Don't be surprised (this is no surprise, this is a long time plan)
I will still rise (I will rise as the ruler of the New Word Order)

I must stay conscious
Through the madness and chaos (WW3)
So I call on my angels (Satan, the so called fallen angel, call his angeles, ie his nephilim, Gog and Magog)
They say

Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, you know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it, just fight it
And be transformed



The title of the song is "Rise", of course this is about the Rise of Satan as 666/Antichrist/false Jesus, the new ruler of the New Word Order


Rio 2016 official slogan


The official slogan of the Rio 2016 Olympics is "New World", which is a clear reference of the New World Order.



Official 2016 Rio Olympics Samsung Galxy S7 Commercial


Samsung has released a special commercial for the 2016 Rio Olympics, its title is "The Anthem", and it is supposed to represent the anthem of the Rio Olympic, and it's an hymn to the Antichrist and to the New World Order.


This is no coïncidence that, especially, Samsung, and not another brand, has released this commercial. Samsung means "Son of Sam", ie "Son of Samael", ie "Son of Satan". The Antichrist is the son of Satan and will be controlled and possessed by Satan himself.


They have composed this anthem by mixing anthems of different countries. This clip promotes the satanic oneness and rise of the Antichrist.


"One World, One Anthem" (promotion of the New World Order)




"Through our unity and harmony" (Satanic Oneness)




"We'll remain at peace as one" (Satanic Oneness & false peace during the NWO)




"With glowing hearts we see thee rise" (thee = Satan, ie 666/Antichrist/Dajjal/Maitreya)




"The day of glory has arrived" (This is day has arrived, the day when Satan comes as the Messiah)



"Oh say can you see" (can you see me now?)




"a vivid ray of love and hope descends to earth" ("vivid ray" = Satan, ie Lucifer, called also ray of light, "descends to earth", Satan the fallen angel, "hope and love", the motto of the NWO, just a lie, a deception)




"The people living united and progressive" (the false promise and lie of the New Word Order)




"join together all our hearts as one" (satanic oneness, no religion, no race, no roots, no identity .... just slaves/clones without goal without soul)




"Happy and Glorious" (the day of the establishment of the New World Order)




The children dressed in white represent this new generation of the New World Order, the 1st generation. the white color symbolizes the union of all the races, religions, ...., the new united society. Notice also the pyramid's shape.




"Unity and justice and freedom" (the slogan of the NWO, just a lie, a deception)




"and united we shall stand" (when the NWO will be established)




"Proud sponsor of a world without barriers" (S7, Satan, proud sponsor of a new world order, S as satan, 7 seems to symbolize the period in which we live, the end times)





2016 Rio Olympics commercial "XXL Sport Unites All"


This Rio Olympics commercial is one again a clear reference to Oneness and to the Antichrist. Only the title "Sport unites all" is an hymn to oneness, and shows that sport is used only as a pretext to unite the sheeple.


The commercial starts with the statue of Jesus 




In order to emphisize that the mysterious masked man in black represents the figure of Jesus (the  false Jesus, ie the Antichrist)





The cops, refering the injustice of this current society, are chasing an innocent boy:




When the boy is finally caught:




The mysterious masked man appears as a Savior/Messiah, he puts his arms in cross like Jesus




The cops seem like hypnotized by him




The Savior removes his masks (official public appearance of the Antiochrist), he is dressed like a Messiah with his hood:



And the whole world is united, the old enemies become friends, the cops and the boy play together:






I think this is absolutely not a coïncidence that the 2016 Olympics has been attributed to Brazil. Indeedm Rio is known for its huge statue of Jesus, and this statue has become the emblem of the Rio Olympics:






(black) Jesus inside the black ring, ie Anti-Jesus, ie Antichrist, 666




Seeing the events throughout the world, the growing despair of the people, the conflicts which are at the verge of WW3, it seems that the false Messiah/Savior is about to emerge publicly, that's why these Olympic Games have been attributed precisely this year to Brazil, in reference to the huge statue of Jesus which is there. This huge statue works as a marker in the subconscious of the people, a subconscious preparation for the pople of the world to embrace and accept the coming (false) Messiah as the Savior of the World.