The Economist magazine is a well known media for the globalist elites. it is owned by the Rothschild family, who release every year their predictions for the next year. These are not real predictions, but part of these predictions are mere propaganda and are used to lose the people and part of it is what the satanist elites want for the year to come. 



The Tower




The Tower symbolizes the center of power. So this card shows that the center of power has been destroyed, its destruction comes from above, as a punishment from God. I don't know if the destruction of the tower results in the splitting of the population into 2 groups (Secular Vs Religious), or if the fight between these 2 groups results in the destruction of the tower. Whatever is the true sense, the splitting of the population into 2 groups seems to be related to the destruction of the main power (USA/Western World). When I say destruction, I don't mandatory mean that they will be physically destroyed, but that their power over the world will be destroyed, ie the US and its allies will no longer rule the world. In Tarot's definition, the Tower card is mainly about change, ie the world as we know it will no longer exist.








This card is clear enought. It shows Donald Trump, the new US President, sat on the top of the globe with the symbols of powers: religious and secular. This means that Donal Trump will judge the whole world, retributing each one for his own action. The time of judgement has come and Trump's action will fulfill a part of this judgment from God. The religious and secular symbols of power mean that the judgement will fall on everyone, religious or non religious. 




The World


This is the card of completion in Tarot, which means that your hard work is finally ending, you are almost to the finish line. Seeing the symbols on this card, it is quite obvious that the actors behind this work are the 3 branches of the society which are pulling the strings: The Vatican, the Governments, and the secret actors symolized by the pyramids. This shows that they are interrelated and working for the same goal: the Luciferian Agenda (symbolized by the Sun at the center which illuminates everything) and using various ways: art, education, culture, religion ... to achieve their goal.



The Hermit



The Hermit tarot card is about doing the right thing. Precisely, we can see the world people doing what they think right : opposing globalism (TTIP, EU, saying "STOP", "NO" to their gobalist referundums/polls) . The hermit above shows that this exactly what they want the world people to do, the world people have been led to riot against these globalists laws. You can see the globe broken, which means that these actions/revolutions are to destroy the current world/system. IE, the current riots and revolutions are part of the process towards the new world order.





The Tarot card Death indicates a deep change, like a new birth. Obviously, this major change will come through nuclear wars and all kind of plagues



The Magician



The Magician tarot card generaly refers to a higher self, a new man, te new man of the new world order.  You can also see the symbol "as above so below" which means that what has been decided above (in the non pysical realm of the demons/jinns) is produced below (in the physical human world). The 3d printer and the virtual reality symbolize the power of illusion of the Magician (Satan/Antichrist/666 is the chief magician), it means that the new world which is coming is a complete illusion and is not what it seems to be, but a complete fraud.



Wheel of fortune



The Wheel of Fortune tarot card refers to a very traumatic change but which can be positive at the end. We can see Angela Merkel down and with a sad face, which means that she is predicted to lose the elections (the elites are not with her this time), Marine Lepen up with a happy face, which means that the global elites wants her to win. Obviously, these major changes in the top positions of power are not random or the result of the people's anger, but aare engineered and wanted by the luciferian elites. For instance, Duterte, Trump, Brexit, ....


The elites have not all the power, they can manipulate us, they can rig the elections, but they cannot be sure of the result, so obviously they want Lepen to win and Merkel to lose, their propaganda will do all what they can to impose this result, but maybe, they will not succeed .... no matter, they can adapt their plan at each step.


The Star




The Star Tarot card is about positive inspiration, enlightnment. It shows many anonymous people becoming stars... which means that the whole world will be like possessed, inhabitated by a kind of higher being, becoming like gods .... which certainly refers to the action of the coming Antichrist (Satan disguised in Jesus) who will touch the heart of each one and who will turn man into a new man god.




Obviously, the Rothschild want us to think that their plan (NWO, Oneness, Antichrist/False Messiah, WW3 ...) is finally coming to its end in 2017, I don't know if this is just one more manipulation and lie in order to distract the people or if what is predicted will realy happen next year, but it is sure that we are progressing in this plan and heading to its final part. Trump seems to be the central figure in this satanic plan, and for sure, I tell it now, Trump will trump the whole world, Trump is 100% a satanic illuminati and is completely part of the game.