Retired French GIGN officer Paul Barill says he not only knows how Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated, but his handler exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky was killed to keep him quiet. The operation's name is Beluga, and its purpose is to blame Russia. Since Russia is harming the western plan in Syria and in many other cases, the western secret services try to discredit Russia by blaming it for crimes that are false flag assassinations. False flag assassinations made by the western secret services and blamed on Russia. Don't be deceived by the mass media and by the western propaganda, behind almost every big case, there is a lie, a huge lie, which is 100% opposed to the reality. Wake up! use your own discernment, make your own search, investigate all the different views .... and come to your own conclusions. Recently, the case of the former FSB agent Skripal, murdered in UK and blamed on Russia is the continuation of this operation, and illustrates the secret moves of the western forces to counter Russia