The Yellow Vests movement is not a spontaneous movement but is in fact orchestrated by the Globalist Elites. This movement is not only limited to France, but is meant to be the point of deaparture for a world revolution of the people against globalism, taxes, international trade agreements, global institutions, against the elites in a more general way...


In fact, those who are behind this movement, since the beginning, are the illuminati elites, the very same elite who are now ruling the world, the very same elite who once orchestrated the French Revolution of 1789, and who spread it all over the world, replacing Monarchy and Religion by Republic, Liberalism, and the illuministic philosophies.

The illuminati serve the Devil and are implementing his agenda in order to bring his Reign on Earth: the New World Order.

The illuminatis are no more than those who present themselves as the adepts of the illuministic philosophies, the Freemasons, the Templars, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Luciferians, the Humanists.... these are different names pointing out to a same group of persons, who form a parrallel world to our visible world, these are the people are who are pulling the strings in the shadow in order to orchestrate all the events which occur in our visible world. The governments and the medias are only the tip of the iceberg of this secret world composed of worshipers of the Devil: the illuminatis.

The Yellow Vests movement's true goal is to spread these global protests all over the world, this movement aims to produce world chaos, which will set up the conditions for the Nuclear World War 3, necessary step for the estalishment of the New World Order, the Regn of the Antichrist. Order out of chaos, this is the motto of the illuminatis, from chaos they will bring "order", the New World Dictatorship...this is why the illuminatis are working so hard to orchestrate chaos all over the world. The New World Order requires bloodshed and global chaos: religious, social, economical, political...the chaos must be complete in order for the people to naturally accept what the Antichrist will have to offer them.

The Yellow Vests movements is the point of deaparture of a process which is engineered to lead to global chaos, which will bring the Regn of the Antichrist.


I am God's messenger for the End Times, the sole and only one, God has sent me to warn you about the coming of the end of this world, and to warn you about its great deception. There will be 3 imposters: The Antichrist, the Messiah of Israël, then the Imam Mahdi, the ruler of the muslims and who will join his forces to a False Jesus. Both will kill the Antichrist, and then the Imam Mahdi will withdraw and will let the False Jesus take the lead, and this False Jesus, who is in fact Satan in flesh, will be worshipped like God.

Be warned about this huge deception, I am God's sole and only messenger for the end times.

This is a very serious warning. We are heading very dangerous times, those who want to be saved shall follow my advice and shall put their faith in God Alone, the Sole and Only Savior. You shall only obey God and his Last Book, the Quran, and leave your sects that you call religions: Judaïsm, Christianism, Islam ... these sects have been built by Satan and have nothing to do with the monothsteistic way of the model that God has given to us: the one of Abraham.

Abraham only worshiped God and followed God's law (now contained in the Quran) and was not a sectarian, an associator or an idolworshiper like most of the religious people of today have become. Your salvation will only come from inside yourself, God is your sole and only savior, if you put your expectations on governments, religious and political leaders, or any hypothetic Messiah, then you can sure that you will be among the losers.

I am God sole and only warner for these end times, and I warn you that there is no one who will come to save you, all you have to do is to repent to God and to follow the path that I will show you to reach God.