The Yellow Vest movement is orchestrated from scratch by the international illuminati cabal, this revolution goes far beyond the frontiers of France and will launch a worldwide revolution, exactly like the French Revolution has started a wave of revolutions all over the world, to replace Monarchy and Religion by Republic, Humanism (Enlightenment/Luciferianism/Theosophism/Masonry... different words for the same concept) and Liberalism.


For your own sake, I urge to watch this documentary which is a 100% original production of mine, a unique proof about what's truly going on with these Yellow Vests. There is a worlwide propaganda with this Yellow Vest movement and 99% of those who are speaking about it are either manipulated or manipulators. If you are running short of time, then just watch the 1st video, even if I highly recommand you to dedicate some time to watch the 5 episodes.

 Demons in human shape at the vanguard of the Yellow Vest movement:

Macron has been elected only thanks to the Rothschilds, nobody knew him one year before the elections, he had no party behind him, he was novice in politics, ..., inspite all of this, he managed to win.


The Rothschilds funded him and promoted him through their mainstream media.

They have undermined the left wing by pushing, Benoit Hamon as a candidate, and which role was to lose, and they have destroyed the right wing by accusing Fillon of corruption, while he was assured to win.

The illuminatis managed to oppose Macron to Lepen, in order to pave the way for Macron's victory.


And now, this is step 2 of the plan: to pave the way for the coming access to power of the far right, with Marine Lepen or Marion Maréchal Lepen at the head of France, as a consequence of the Yellow Vests movement.

d158407cba801535cef5b4395b937404You can see on the cover the Rothschild owned magaizine, The Economist, Marine Lepen dressed as Mariane with a yellow robe, which means that she will replace Macron

Everybody has forgotten that Macron has written a book to present his program when he run for president in 2016, and this books was named...."Revolution"...the book had no back cover, except the foto of Macron... The sole figure of Macron is enough to incarnate this revolution, because Macron plays the 1st role in this Yellow Vest movement.

He was placed at the head of France in order to raise everybody against him, this was done on purpose and he has perfectly played his part, what a huge comedian!!! Notice that one of the particularity of Macron is that he was a comedian by profession, he has started comedy with Brigitte Trogneux, his current "wife", or should I say his illuminati satanic handler, from the age of 16. So each one of his actions, gestures, speeches, moves...has been meticulously planned and thought.


During more than 3 weeks after the beginning of the Yellow Vest movement, Macron has deliberatly kept silent in order to generate more anger, whereas the illuminati mainstream media were speaking about the Yellow Vest 24/7, a brainwashing even more intense than after a false flag terrrorist attack. At any time, if you switch on your tv , you can be 100% sure to find the illuminati media talking about the Yellow Vest movement.





For macron's first response to the Yellow Vests, everything was calculated, his December 10, 2018 speech has lasted exactly 13 minutes, a reference to the illuminatis, the 13 illuminati bloodlines, the 13 scales of the unachieved illuminati pyramid of the dollar bill. The illuminatis wanted to show us through this that this speech was not an accident but was all part of the plan....and indeed it was the case.

In this speech Macron has made some concessions just enough to push the people to think that he is on his knees... except that he has not really conceded any major demand of the Yellow Vests. This intervention was just aimed to manipulate the opinion, the french people must perceive Macron and the whole system as trembling, all of this was just a huge comedy. The illuminatis want the people to believe that this revolution belongs to them and is not a staged revolution, so they have to create different scenarios in order to push the idea that the people are taking back the power and that the whole system is crumbling.

All this Yellow Vest Movement has been planned for very long time by the illuminati elites.

The domain's name "" has been created one day after Macron's inauguration as President of France.


In a an interview given to the famous UK journalist Matt Frei in February 2017, Macron acknowledged that his goal is to push "the people to deliever a new revolution, a democratic revolution".

macron interview


This revolution will come with the RIC, the citizen's referundum, which will allow to change the French Constitution and to export this new system of governance all over the world, a kind of direct democracy, but which will be more like a world dictatorship.



This New World Governance will look like a giant social network, you can just thumb up or thumb down.... it will represent the biggest dictatorship ever created.


In the french movie, Les Tuches 3, released on January 21, 2018, the plot of the movie is about what is happening today in France.

tuche-film-bande-annonce-francesoir_field_mise_en_avant_principale_1_0Notice the Horn sign in the cover of the movie

M. Papin plays the role of a very unfriendly president, and he is opposed to M. Tuche, a kind of redneck who represents the Yellow Vests.


At the end, M. Tuche won the presidency and he is surrounded by yellow vests in the yard of the Elysée.

The Malbim, Meir Leibush ben Yehiel Michel Wisser, (March 7, 1809 – September 18, 1879), rabbi predicted more than 200 years ago that there will be a civil war in Europe.

This civil war will oppose EDOM, ak the Western world, to Isamel, the muslims, and this war will mutually destroyed, and is staged in order to prevent Israel from going to war. Once thise war will destroy both the western world and the muslims, then the Messiah of Israel, the VAV (which means 6, ie 666) will emerge and will reign on the New World Order.

That's why the illuminati are preparing the far right to access to power in France, and also in all the other European countries, like it is already the case in Italy and Austria, and which is planned to happen in Germany, France, Hungary....



I warn you that all what is coming on earth will be only chaos, death, deception and illusion





The Messiah of Israel, Antichrist



The Imam Mahdi


This figure, an imposter driven by Satan, will gather the muslims to deliver them into the hand of the False Jesus.



Satan will play the role of a false Jesus and then will claim to be God himself and will be worshiped by many as God.


false Jesusshiva_by_ram75


The release of Gog and Magog



The Complete Destruction of this Earth



Judgement Day



Eternal Hell and Eternal Paradise

1_ZjKIEPPSSdUFNJeg9I-cfw - Copieparadise


I am God's sole and only warner for you, and God has charged me to warn you about these deceptions and to show you the sole and only way of salvation: to leave your sects, to not involve in any mass movement or war, to prepare yourself to come back to God, to repent, to come back to the pure wy of Abraham: only God and his Last and Ultimate Book, the Quran. You'll have no other Savior than God Himself, those who will count on any other Savior will be destroyed without exception.

For your own sake, for your own salvation, I highly recommand to you to read my complete presentation and proofs from God.



Recent signs from God

These recent signs of God cannot be denied, and show that something unsual is going on, God is sending signs to us in order to wake up before it's too late.


Mecca plagued by cockcroaches (2019)



The Fire of Paradise (2018)



The birth of a Red Heifer (2018)


This event fulfills an millenary Hebraic prophecy about the coming of the Messiah of Israel, aka Antichrist.



A Snake appeared in the West wall (2018)


This is a harbinger for the false Jesus, aka Satan, the Snake.


A huge stone has fallen from the West Wall (2018)


This sign of God has been covered worldwide, it announces that the final destruction of Israel, as promised by God in the Quran, is now close.



A Fish found in the dead sea (2018)


This fulfills a millenary prophecy of Ezekiel which announces the coming of the Messiah of the jews, the Antichrist.