21 février 2012

Reptilians in the World Poker Tour

      It's now a long time that I've been monitoring Poker on TV, and I've noticed that many reptilians have infiltrated Poker, and as you can expect it, they are among the best World Poker players: Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Chris Karagulleyan, Greg Raymer, Seth Berger, Elio Fox, Alan Boston, Raj Patel, Stu Ungar....and many many many others....They operate through different methods depending on their telepathic abilities but the common thread is that they have "problems" with their eyes, when they observe their... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2012

2012 Concrete deception of the aliens

  You must see this episode, it contains a very clear picture of what will be the Alien satanic scam, deception... see this and you decide:       I really recommand you to watch the full serie and you'll know in what will consist the lie and illusion of the shetans, devils, jinns...   http://truthfromgod.canalblog.com/archives/2012/01/26/23343320.html
15 février 2012

INCREDIBLE balls of lights, jinns in Guadalaraja

      In this video, you'll see a phenomenon called Foco Tonal, which is just another term to refer to the jinns, balls of light.The Foco Tonal is defined as a place where certain energies converge, magnetic and cosmic energy...this place is said to heal people and to elevate them spiritually... This is always the same lie and deception, this place is full of Jinns appearing under the form of balls of lights, the people are invited to commit idol worship by going to this place and praying the spirits in order to be... [Lire la suite]
14 février 2012

2012 Strange unworldy sounds continue Worldwide

2012 More Strange Noise Worldwide reported on Mainstream media:         Strange Sounds WORLDWIDE like the Sound in "War of Worlds":   2012 Strange Noises Reported on CTV News Broadcast:   2011 Strange Sounds in Kiev on Ukrainian TV News:   RTM News on 2012 Strange Sounds in Canada, Costa Rica ... WORLDWIDE:         UNWORLDY STRANGE SOUNDS in France (Auvergne) - 19 January 2012   Strange Sound in Belgium, 18 January 2012:     ... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2012

Fin de Concession, Illuminatis en France

                  Dans cette investigation du journaliste Pierre Carles, vous verrez comment TF1 premiere chaine d'etat en France a été concédée au groupe Bouygues sur la base de fausses promesses et de connivence entre les membres du gouvernement, des medias et des grandes entreprises des elites.Etienne Moujotte, Bernard Tapis, François Leotard ont été les principaux acteurs qui ont vendu ce qui appartient au français aux elites. On sait tous depuis la... [Lire la suite]
14 février 2012

"Pas vu, pas pris", les medias FR des illuminatis

            Dans cette investigation du journaliste Pierre Carles, vous verrez comment les 10 plus grands journalistes de la television ont refusé de diffuser un document exposant les connivences entre politiques et journalistes et comment ceux-ci font parti du meme monde, obeissant au meme loi du silence, et servant le meme plan de manipulation satanique.TF1 est la premiere chaine des illuminatis en France, suivi de Canal +, France 2, M6 et autres chaines du mainstream (toute... [Lire la suite]

11 février 2012

2012 UFO Mothership & pyramid shaped UFO caught by NASA telescope

    In this video caught by the Nasa Telescope Soho in 2012, you can see a huge mothership which size is approximatively 1.2 million kms!!!!! The mothership remained in the shot for 1:40 min...An amazing Nasa video which undoubtly prooves the existence of the UFOs. This mothership looks like a kind of dragon...one more satanic symbology!Another video in December 2011 caught by Nasa 2 Stereo telescopes called "Stereo Behind" captured a diamond/pyramid shaped UFO which is transparent or hollowed in the middle and is also... [Lire la suite]
11 février 2012

Imposter Maitreya Raj Patel on Russia Today, 9/2/12

      Original description by RT:"Everyone knows about the military industrial complex, but there isanother system making money out of harming average Americans. Some refer it to as "obesity industrial complex." So, while the health and well-being of Americans suffers, who is benefiting? For more on the fattening of America and the fat cats behind Raj Patel of theInstitute for food and development policy joins RT's Liz Wahl."   ********Raj Patel continues his journey through the mainstream media, he's... [Lire la suite]
09 février 2012

Reptilians, demons, jinns exposed on TV !!!

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08 février 2012

Sign of God before Apocalypse: 2012 deadly freeze

    Its flooding in Argentina......deadly freezing in Europe .....and there is an unusual warm winter in USA... these uncommon events are clear signs from Allah.Natural uncommon events are clear signs from Allah that His Punishment is close. In the beginning of 2012, mass fishs and birds death have been reported worldwide, Allah is reminding us that He is Here and that we shall remind Him, surrender to Him before His punishment falls.Too many people are far in perdition and have completely forgotten who they are and why... [Lire la suite]