19 septembre 2015

CERN like Portals, wormholes, Nephilim/Gog and Magog, Antichrist's promotion in the 2015 media

In this year 2015, there is a large amount of media content all refering to portals, wormholes, dimensions, Saturn ..., with Nephilim like creatures coming from these dimensions, and a Savior figure. Obviously, they are preparing us for the coming of Satan in his role of Messiah, a fake Jesus, and his army of Nephilim, Gog and Magog, through a portal connected to Saturn, and which is to be opened thanks to CERN.         Interstellar 2015   In the film Interstellar, scientists at NASA discover a... [Lire la suite]

14 septembre 2015

Aisha was 18 when the Prophet Muhammad married her

      Editor’s note: The excellent research below, by Mr. Islam Al-Buhairy, provides historic evidence for the correct age of Aisha when she married Prophet Muhammad. The research exposes the narration that claims her age to have been 9 years old at the time of marriage. Below is an edited translation of the original research which was published in the Egyptian “Yawm Al-Sabai (The Seventh day)” magazine on the 16th of October 2008. ------------------------------------------------ The marriage of the... [Lire la suite]
27 août 2015

Avertissement aux musulmans par le Coran!

Aujourd'hui l'islam tel que répandu dans sa version officielle n'est plus la religion pratiquée par les vrais croyants et par les prophétes Ibrahim, Moussa, Issa et Muhammad, mais l'islam s'est divisé en sectes, chacune se réjouissant de ce qu'elle détient et reniant les autres, mais toutes plongées dans l'association, le shirk, voila leur seul point commun.   S23:V52 Cette communauté, la vôtre, est une seule communauté, tandis que Je suis votre Seigneur. Craignez-Moi donc». S23:V53 Mais ils se sont divisés en sectes,... [Lire la suite]
24 août 2015

The Key words most used in CERN are all demonic!!!

You may have even heard that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built on a town called Saint Genis Pouilly but in Roman times called Apolliacum.  A civilization, which in ancient times, was dedicated to Apollo, also known as the destroyer, and had a temple there to honor him.  Some even believe that the town was set up over a portal to the underworld.  These are startling facts, when we consider what CERN has already admitted they are trying to do.     There are many words and symbols that CERN uses... [Lire la suite]
24 août 2015

2015 Incredible Illuminati symbols all over the media, an announce for the New World Order?

One of the most disturbing things about the stars of Hollywood has been their blatant show of their allegiance to the Dark Side. Their photo shoots, as we will see here, are a testament to their utter disregard for what anyone thinks or if we see their true colors. The photos, to the unaware viewer, may seem vanguard and alternative, “artsy” as it were, but these photos hold a far more sinister meaning to those of us who are awake and aware of what they truly stand for. The Elite love playing the game of Hidden in Plain Sight. ... [Lire la suite]
19 août 2015

[FR] CERN, Hoover Dam, Yajuj et Majuj, Dajjal Révélés et Connectés

INFORMATION A PARTAGER ET A DIFFUSER AU MAXIMUM Dans cet article, je vais vous expliquer le lien qui existe entre le CERN, Hoover Dam, le Dajjal/Antechrist et Gog et Magog, et je vais vous montrer d'importants événements en rapport avec ces sujets qui semblent annoncer que quelque chose de gros est en train de se préparer pour bientôt.   Je vous recommande de regarder cette video avec une grande attention car ce sujet est serieux et arrive bientôt:   CERN Le CERN est le plus grand accelérateur de particules au... [Lire la suite]

18 août 2015

CERN, Hoover Dam, Satan, Gog and Magog revealed in 2015!!!

In this article, I will explain to you what is the connexion between CERN, Hoover Dam, the Antichrist and Gog and Magog, and I show you important events related to this subject which seems to announce that something very big is coming soon.   I highly recommand you to watch this video with a great attention because this is real and it's coming soon:   CERN CERN is the biggest accelerator of particles in the world and is located in Switzerland. The official goal of CERN is to reproduce the conditions of the Big Bang,... [Lire la suite]
17 août 2015

Amazing Promotion of the Antichrist in the 2015 Media!

  The message spread all over the media is now very explicit, they do not even cipher it, they say it in plan: Their Master is coming, nothing can stop his emergence, it's already too late, either we are with him or against him. See for yourself, I am really not exagerating. I highly suggest you to watch very carefully this video:       Damien (2015)   Damien is the son of Satan, he is fully possessed by Satan, his number is 666, either you are with him or against him. There have even created a... [Lire la suite]
14 août 2015

Fake Magicians but REAL DEMONS (Dynamo, ...)

NOTE: this series is not done by myself but by Youtube User Xendrius, I agree with him that this new generation of magicians are not really using human tricks but actually do their show with the help of jinns. These magicians even mix normal standard tricks with tricks done with the help of jinns, the reason of that is to discredit those who accuse them of using demons. One of the most regular trick of Dynamo is to simply look in your eyes and read your mind, he can tell you which song you're thinking about, which card you have... [Lire la suite]
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11 août 2015

DIA: "l'Etat Islamique est une création des USA"

La Maison Blanche a pris la décision d'aider les rebelles armés en Syrie malgré les avertissements des services de renseignements prévoyant l'avènement du groupe État islamique. Dans le dernier épisode de l'émission Head to Head (Tête à tête) sur Al Jazeera, l'ancien directeur de l'Agence de renseignement de la Défense, la Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Michael Flynn, confirme au journaliste Mehdi Hasan qu'il a non seulement bien étudié le mémo de la DIA prédisant que l'Occident soutenait l'idée d'un État islamique en... [Lire la suite]