20 janvier 2019

The Yellow Vests sign the starting of Satan's Master Plan for the End of the World

The Yellow Vest movement is orchestrated from scratch by the international illuminati cabal, this revolution goes far beyond the frontiers of France and will launch a worldwide revolution, exactly like the French Revolution has started a wave of revolutions all over the world, to replace Monarchy and Religion by Republic, Humanism (Enlightenment/Luciferianism/Theosophism/Masonry... different words for the same concept) and Liberalism. For your own sake, I urge to watch this documentary which is a 100% original production of mine,... [Lire la suite]

20 janvier 2019

Demons identified in the ranks of the Yellow Vests!

The Yellow Vest movement is orchestrated by demons in fake human shape. They compose the vanguard of this orchestrated movement, which is not really surprising as this Yellow Vest movement is part of Satan's master plan for the end times. Satan needed all his troops to perform his last "masterpiece".   You must absolutely watch this documentary to see the illustration of what I am talking about: You have to be aware that we are surrounded by demons which look human in appearance, but when you look closely, they are not,... [Lire la suite]
24 décembre 2018

Attaque de Strasbourg: False Flag illuminati pour le Chaos et la Guerre Mondiale

L'attaque terroriste du marche de Noël de Strasbourg, le 11 Décembre 2018, est une  attaque sous faux drapeau des illuminati. Le bruit court que cette attaque a été orchestrée par le gouvernement Français pour essayer de stopper le mouvement Gilets Jaunes, mais ceci n'est qu'une pure manipulation et un mensonge de ce même gouvernement. En réalité, cet attentat sous faux drapeau poursuit  exactement l'objectif inverse. Ces 2 vidéos présentent des preuves irréfutables que cet attentat a été orchestré par les illuminati,... [Lire la suite]
24 décembre 2018

Strasbourg Terrorist attack: an illuminati False Flag for World Chaos and WW3

The terrorist attack of Strasbourg (France), on December 11 2018, was an illuminati false flag. The people say that this false flag aimed to stop the Yellow Vests protests, but this is a blatant lie and a huge manipulation... the objective of this false flag is the exact opposite. This video presents unique proofs exposing this terrorist attack as an illuminati false flag, I strongly advocate you to watch it all:   Both the Yellow Vests movement and the Strasbourg false flag are the pure creation of the... [Lire la suite]
23 décembre 2018

Yellow Vests: illuminati plan for World Chaos and WW3

The Yellow Vests movement is not a spontaneous movement but is in fact orchestrated by the Globalist Elites. This movement is not only limited to France, but is meant to be the point of deaparture for a world revolution of the people against globalism, taxes, international trade agreements, global institutions, against the elites in a more general way... In fact, those who are behind this movement, since the beginning, are the illuminati elites, the very same elite who are now ruling the world, the very same elite who once... [Lire la suite]
21 décembre 2018

Les Gilets Jaunes, Révolution illuminati pour la Guerre Mondiale en 2019, DANGER!!!

Le mouvement Gilets Jaunes n'est pas un mouvement spontané, mais est en réalité un mouvement orchestré par les élites globalistes. Ce mouvement n'est pas seulement limité à la France, mais est destiné à être le point de départ pour une révolution mondiale des peuples contre le globalisme, les taxes, les accords internationaux, les institutions globales, les élites en général... En réalité, ce sont les élites illuminati qui ont déclenché ce mouvement depuis le début, ces mêmes élites qui contrôlent aujourd'hui le monde, tout comme... [Lire la suite]

02 mai 2018

Leaked MK Ultra Documents exposes Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

Introduction This article exposes how the MK Ultra subjects can be controlled remotely and activated for a specific mission. Most of the false flag terrorist attacks have been actually done by these MK Ultra zombies. The secret services can program the people for a specific mission and activate them remotely through EM waves. This is why most of these patsies are like zombies and often have no memory of what they have done, actually the do not remember anything from their crimes, or they are programed to tell a false story as an... [Lire la suite]
24 avril 2018

Mk Ultra World Celebrities exposed as being possessed by djinns/demons

  Many celebrities, politicians, news reporters and murderers all appear to be under this form of mind control and now it is being shown in the blockbuster movies and TV shows GET OUT and Westworld, but how many really know what’s going on?   This video exposes some of the most proeminent world celebrities in a deep state of trance, or even being possessed by some demonic entities or djinns. You have to be aware that today many of the world celebrities only serve as hosts to demonic entities, and they have been... [Lire la suite]
15 mars 2018

Litvinenko, Berezovky, Skripal ... CIA, MI6 False flags to blame Russia

      Retired French GIGN officer Paul Barill says he not only knows how Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated, but his handler exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky was killed to keep him quiet. The operation's name is Beluga, and its purpose is to blame Russia. Since Russia is harming the western plan in Syria and in many other cases, the western secret services try to discredit Russia by blaming it for crimes that are false flag assassinations. False flag assassinations made by the western secret services and blamed... [Lire la suite]