22 novembre 2017

Une victime témoigne sur le fonctionnement interne d'un réseau satanique

INTRO A travers mes propres recherches, je peux vous confirmer que le contenu de cet article est véridique, on retrouve les mêmes procédés, les mêmes techniques, les mêmes témoignages, les mêmes profils dans tous les dossiers ayant atrait au satanisme de haut niveau, à la pédophilie, aux rituels sacrificiels .... mélangeant souvent dans le rôle de bourreau les élites, notables (souvent présentés en public comme des bienfaiteurs et souvent dirigeants des associations, des organismes sensés combattre les abus et crimes dont ils sont... [Lire la suite]

29 septembre 2017

Les délits d'initiés du 11 Septembre 2001

Un grand nombre de délits d'initiés impliquant des sommes collossales ont été avérés en lien avec le 11 Septembre, ce qui laisse a pensé qu'un certain nombre de personnes hauts placés étaient au courant .... mais bien que ces délits d'initiés aient été unanimement reconnus et même traités dans les medias grands publics, rien n'a été fait par la suite, on ne sait pas qui sont ces gens, à qui ils sont connectés ni les sommes exactes qu'ils ont pu gagné, ce qui laisse à penser que les plus hauts services d'état des plus grands... [Lire la suite]
09 mai 2017

Macron un psychopate, un prophète de Satan

  Le professeur Adriano Segatori est un psychiatre et psychothérapeute italien. Son analyse du profil d’Emmanuel Macron, basée notamment sur sa biographie et ses images de campagne, le pousse à conclure, de manière très argumentée : « Macron est un psychopathe qui travaille uniquement pour lui-même. » Macron a été spécialement choisi par Satan lui-même comme acteur majeur pour son émergence en tant que faux Messie car Macron présente les particularités suivantes: Macron a subit un traumatisme durant sa jeunesse qui le... [Lire la suite]
09 mai 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron, Major sign of the #Antichrist #Dajjal #Satan #666

2017 French President, Emmanuel Macron, is a huge sign of the Antichrist, and is a pawn of the Imposter Satan. He is among the actor who will allow the coming of Imposter, and Satan has given him special power of seduction and deception.    
28 avril 2017

MUST SEE: Ronald Bernard, Top Illuminati Banker exposes the Global Elite from the inside!

I highly recommand you to watch this full interview, it an absoulte must see:     The former Dutch Banker Ronaldd Bernard reveals some aspects of what is going on in the hidden world of the elites, in fact the real world, because what is presented to us as the real world is just an illusion. Ronald Testifies how he reached progressively the top level, he was in direct contact with the core illuminati elites composed of around 8000-8500 people in the world. He describes how these elites that he worked for manipulate... [Lire la suite]
02 octobre 2016

The Beast is coming, 2016 Media illustrated

The Beast is coming and this is announced through many movies, lyrics, commercials in 2016. I highly recommand you to watch this short video which exposes all these signs:     Stranger Things     The heroe of the Stranger Things is an androgyn figure named 11. Satan is oten refered as the androgyn and his number is 11. In the series, 11 opens a gate to other dimensions, a kind of dark world superposed on our world, and from this world comes demons, and their chief is named the Demogorgon.   ... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2016

Dynamo Performs His tricks thanks to Jinns/Demons

This original new series is an answer to all those who claim that Dynamo is using paid actors, stooges, accomplices,...., camera and CGI effects to perform his tricks.             When you see the face of the people who witness in live the tricks of Dynamo and you compare their state before and after witnessing his tricks, you can clearly see the fear on their face and how shocked, their first reaction does not lie, it's impossible to simulate like that.     ... [Lire la suite]
30 septembre 2015

The Worship of Pope Francis shows People are ready for the Antichrist/Dajjal

In watching the millions of deluded, adoring worshippers of Pope Francis, you are seeing exactly the type of reception that the Antichrist will receive when he shows  up. Everywhere he goes, Pope Francis attracts worshipful crowds of people, straining and reaching to touch any part of him as if something spiritual and holy could be imparted to them by doing so. People weep, they cry, they hope up their sick children and beg him to touch them in the hopes they will be healed. Pope Francis has no power to perform any miracles of... [Lire la suite]
19 septembre 2015

CERN like Portals, wormholes, Nephilim/Gog and Magog, Antichrist's promotion in the 2015 media

In this year 2015, there is a large amount of media content all refering to portals, wormholes, dimensions, Saturn ..., with Nephilim like creatures coming from these dimensions, and a Savior figure. Obviously, they are preparing us for the coming of Satan in his role of Messiah, a fake Jesus, and his army of Nephilim, Gog and Magog, through a portal connected to Saturn, and which is to be opened thanks to CERN.         Interstellar 2015   In the film Interstellar, scientists at NASA discover a... [Lire la suite]
24 août 2015

The Key words most used in CERN are all demonic!!!

You may have even heard that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built on a town called Saint Genis Pouilly but in Roman times called Apolliacum.  A civilization, which in ancient times, was dedicated to Apollo, also known as the destroyer, and had a temple there to honor him.  Some even believe that the town was set up over a portal to the underworld.  These are startling facts, when we consider what CERN has already admitted they are trying to do.     There are many words and symbols that CERN uses... [Lire la suite]