08 avril 2012

Minecraft Order of the Stone: Satan Hidden Declaration to Humanity!!!!

      In this short documentary in 2 episodes, I'll expose for you how the 2011 "game" Minecraft: Order of the Stone is actually a kind of satanic predictive programming which announce the ultimate chapter of the Satanic Deception of the Jinns, devils, aliens, gods, angels, spirits, demons, shaytans .... I also contains an astonishing declaration of Satan himself in the end of the Game, it's rare that Satan speaks about his illusion and deception so clear terms and it shows that eveyrthing is now done, Alea Jacta... [Lire la suite]

09 février 2012

Reptilians, demons, jinns exposed on TV !!!

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22 juillet 2011

The Alien/Jinn/devils deception: ultimate lie of Satan part 2

    In this 2nd episode of the new serie "The Alien Deception: Ultimate Lie of Satan", you'll see how deep the Vatican and the popes are really involved with satanism and in what this relates to the Alien Deception.   All the popes of the Vatican are really Satan's worshippers. Iblis/Satan has infiltrated the religious organizations FOR LONG (and that does not only concern Christianism but also Judaism and Islam and all the major religions). The Religious authorities are the ones who have distorted the Gospel and... [Lire la suite]
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