01 octobre 2014

US Rogue General warns that the Allies Attacks on ISIL In Syria are for WW3

I just got an emergency phone call from Stew Webb discussing very bad new information about the raids on ISIS in Syria.  People on the ground have reported massive piles of bodies of Syrian soldiers loyal to Assad there.  It seems that some of Obama’s Generals have been lied to and we have rogue Generals that are not bombing ISIS as they were told but are instead bombing Syria troops which will lead to a guaranteed World War 3!   We also have reports that criminals are being let out of jail to go kill Syrian army... [Lire la suite]
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19 août 2014

The Antichrist in the 2014 Media episode 2

Since 2014 the signs announcing the coming of Antichrist, the destruction of humanity, world war 3, chaos and death are all over the illuminati media.Knowing that the mainstream media are 100% under the control of the illuminatis, who are themselves under the control of Satan, this is a clear indication that these signs are meant to prepare the masses for what is coming. Most of the people are totaly unaware of what is going on, they are totaly brainwashed by the medias and do... [Lire la suite]
11 août 2014

"There is a war coming in Europe" (WW3)

 PERSONAL NOTE: Beware the posters of the videos related with this article, Susan Duclos and David Vose are Satan's workers ... These people's role is to leak so called underground information in order to prepare the people for what is coming, their job is just to facilitate the plan of Satan by announcing to the people what is coming, this is a well known technic used by the illuminatis and the devils, they tell you what they will do before it happens in order to desensitize you and to condition your reaction. They are not... [Lire la suite]
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